sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

THRILLS GALORE - Guaranteed 1988 (Hard Rock) US

Might look like a typical poser band, but isn't! THRILLS GALORE belong to the heavier kind of them, which means there are surely Glam influences appearing here and there but basically their style is melodic US Metal with "On your nerves" to stand out. Quite catchy, pounding mid paced underground stuff with good, nasty vocals (little bit softer than the FASTWAY guy) and well worked out songwriting. Hard to imagine now that I didn't want to buy this album because I thought I have already too much of these common US Poser records in the shelves. But you see it's smart to try them all, and in case of THRILLS GALORE it won't cost you much. Copies for 9,99 $ aren't fiction at all. Make sure to don't miss it out! (metalpage)

The Truth - Weapons Of Love_1987 (AOR)

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Surrender - Blam! 1992 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA,Colorado

Self-Released by the band 1992 / 6 tracks. Incredibly rare and terrific MELODIC HARD ROCK/AOR indie cd released by this band from Colorado/TX (do not confound with Surrender from NYC), extremely recommended for fans of top AOR/MHR bands like Alias, Bad English, Dare, Strangeways, Melidian and Giant, and fanatic collectors of indies like Rock Boulevard, Mae West, Avalon, France, Safire and Vera Cruz. Personally one of my favorite indie, includes infectious melodies with great keys and powerful ballads.

Gunslinger - Explode In Your Face "Demo" 1993/4 (Hard Rock) USA

Party Hard Rock!

Canada - Afterimage "Remast. 2010" (Prog Rock/AOR) Italy

Afterimage is not an album in the strict sense of the word, but rather a collection of tracks released on cassette and vinyl between 1987 and 1995. The story of Canada is a story of passion and courage, embracing a musical style that, unfortunately was yet to be understood in Italy. Fortunately, today times have changed and this music has found its place – so it seems appropriate to release the output of this underappreciated band, Canada. Canada were (it would be appropriate to use the present tense as music transcends time) three italian musicians in the mid 80s that dreamt of blending the technique of progressive rock with a more accessible AOR sound... Read and listen

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

Embassy - Edge Of Rainbows 1998 (Melodic Hard Rock) Germany

Sleazy Roze - Caution Filling Is Hot 1996 (Glam) Sweden

Like AC/DC

Frozen Ghost discography

Sleazy Roze - Only One/She's So Fine 7'' Single (Melodic Rock/AOR) Sweden

Alecstar - 2005 - Full Circle (Hard Rock)

18 Names - 1986 - Armed And Ready

18 NAMES were one of Pittsburgh's premier rock bands of the mid to late '80s. They privately released this incredible piece of female fronted melodic hard rock / AOR back in 1987 (on vinyl only) and the record has been going for crazy prices amongst collectors! Featuring one of the greatest female rock voices of the '80s KARLA GOLDMAN (who later released "Karla", her highly touted solo album in 1990) along with bassist Scott Bender (of Paul Gilbert's SCOTLAND and BATON ROUGE), drummer Chris Procopio (of TRIPLE X) and the tasty guitar and keyboard interplay of Bill Baldwin and John Meanor respectively -- you will love everything about this album. Excellent production, fantastic songs, jaw-dropping vocals and top notch musicianship!! (Retrospe***)

lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Jungle Alley - Demos 1988 (Hard Rock) USA

Very Good! Demos

Savannah Nix - Demos 1989 (Hard Rock/Glam) UK


London Glamsters SAVANNAH NIX, founded in 1987 and fronted by Swiss vocalist Dave Rubio, issued demos in 1988. The band's 1992 formation witnessed a strong toning down of the image, the unit comprising singer Marc Huckle, guitarists Colin Alexander and Max Numa, Karl Chappell having replaced Mark Goodchild on bass and drummer Jules Fayleparr.

RARE!!! 3 Songs

Sircle of Silence - St 1994 (Melodic Metal)

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Burns - Ready For Duty 1995 (Melodic Rock) Belgium

Hiper Rare !!
This great song is taken from the album BURNS (Patty) - Ready For Duty ! Ultra rare Female Fronted Melodic Rock From Brussels / Belgium. producer : Rick Rubin / Bob Rock  (aorheart)

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Flamedown - St 2011 (AOR) Argentina

The Innocent - Livin´ In The Street 1985 (Melodic Rock/AOR)


Silent Witness - St. 1997 (Hard Rock)

1. Can't Keep From Falling 4:32 2. Living In A Lie 4:00 3. Pouring Rain 3:44 4. I'll Wait 3:33 5. Tell Me 4:26 6. Take Me Back 4:36 7. Don't Let A Good Thing Slip Away 4:02 8. Get Right Back Up 3:35 9. Wrapped Around Your Finger 5:05 10. Make This Night Last Forever 4:02


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